All memberships paused and support GRIP!

Dear Gripper,
Effective immediately we will pause all memberships. Also we will postpone expiration dates on 10-entry cards. This means you won’t be paying anything for as long as you can’t use our gym. However, we have received quite a lot of heartwarming comments from people who want to support us by keeping their membership active! ❤

For all these GRIP #Ambassadors we’re making an exclusive T-shirt as a thank you for when we open our doors again. The design of this remains a suprise! Email us at if you are interested. Don’t forget to include your T-shirt size! All donations will be used to pay staff and make sure GRIP will be able to reopen. We will also send out an email tomorrow to all our members. Stay safe out there!

Ps.: if you are not a member, but you would like to support us anyway (and a T-shirt), send us an email at ❤