Grip a beer!

Hungry after a training session? Would you like a beer to celebrate finishing your project? Or just dropping by for a cup of coffee! Our bar and kitchen has what you need!

Food & Drinks

Apart from the snacks and drinks typical for a sports facility, we also offer light alcoholic beverages such as special beers and wine. Our kitchen is equipped to provide simple meals. All of our employees have had a barista course, to give your coffee, cappuccino or machiato just that little extra.

From the region and biological

We prefer to serve products from the Nijmegen region, often these are biological as well. How about the bread from ‘Brood op de Plank’. We serve biological fruit juices from Oregional. And last but not least, we also serve our self-made ‘Single Pitch Power Koek’: a mueslibar with nuts and raisins, to give you that bit of extra power!


Are you coming straight from class or work? Or are you just hungry? We serve a number of soups with biological bread.

Group arrangements

If you book these in advance, we can offer the following arrangements:

  • Upon arrival: coffee/tea with pastry: € 4,50 pp
  • Lunch: variety of sandwiches, fresh fruit, milk, jus d’orange, coffee and tea: € 9,50 pp
  • Tapas: different appetizers (‘borrelhapjes’) € 4,50 pp
  • Buffet: Spanish, Thai or Italian buffet: € 17,50 pp

These arrangements can only be booked for groups larger than 10 persons. Please contact us for more info.