New contest at the GRIP climbing gym the Pumped! Competition.  First edition of ‘Pumped!’ will be on April 4th. Each edition will consist of 8 routes with multiple zones. Minimum grade 5a routes and up. You get just 1 try for each route, so make it count!

  • Kids 11:00-13:00
  • Adults 14:00-17:00
  • Prizes and bring your own veg/meat BBQ starting 17:00

Scoring: The 1000-point system will be used. You will get 1000 points for each top or zone divided by the amount of people that topped that particular top or zone. No bonus points for flashing or onsite since it’s only 1 try each.

  • Pumped! 1 – 4 april
  • Pumped! 2 – 4 juli
  • Pumped! 3 – 12 september
  • Pumped! 4 – 12 december